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Large Donation Creates Fund for Boys & Girls Club Golf Programs, Scholarships

A “Group of Guys Having Fun” facilitated by Joe Madrigrano Jr. has raised over $100,000.00 in the last three years for the Gang Prevention programs at the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha.

Today, Mr. Madrigrano is proud to announce the creation of the Dr. Vic Aiello and Dr. Nick Perri Youth Golf Academy at the Boys and Girls Club. Over $10,000.00 in donations from a “Group of Guys Having Fun” is being linked with the Dr. Vic Aiello and Dr. Nick Perri Scholarship Fund to create an endowment to fund Youth Golf lessons and college scholarships for participants from the Boys and Girls Club who participate in their golf programs.

“This program will give young people an opportunity to learn golf and win scholarships,” Madrigrano said. “The club has existing golf programs through their Youth Center in cooperation with the Kenosha Police Department and Jackie Thomsen at Transcendental Golf. In addition, the Club’s Sports Department has offered golf camps and tournaments. We hope to reenact the “Golf with a Cop” program next year as a part of this as well.”

Madrigrano said anyone interested in donating to the new foundation can make their donations to the Boys and Girls Club, designate it for the golf program and mail to the Club at 1330 – 52nd Street.