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Infinity Campaign

Throughout these past few challenging years, the Club has constantly molded and adapted to meet the needs of its members.
We know that the problems that existed before the pandemic and civil unrest remain and there are new challenges as well. The Club is needed now more than ever before and continues to be a safe haven for kids where they can have fun, connect with a positive mentor, eat a healthy meal, and be given the opportunity to exceed their dreams.
We are working hard every day and there is still lots of work to do and healing to come in the years ahead. We know that our members are struggling with learning loss, loneliness, and a plethora of other mental health issues. The Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha is committed to supporting youth through these hard times and beyond. With your help, we can continue to build our community stronger than before.
With our enrollment numbers ever increasing, we anticipate that the need for the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha services will increase tremendously. We can’t be there for the kids who need us the most without you.
We’re asking for your monthly support so we can continue to expand our efforts and programs to serve our ever changing community and impact today’s youth.

When you contribute to the BGCK’s Infinity Campaign, you directly contribute to the success of, but not limited to:

  • BGCK Meal Program: The BGCK served over 20,000 meals at the Club in 2021 and that number is expected to increase in the upcoming years.
  • BGCK Reading/Tutoring Program: BGCK and Sylvan Learning Center partnered up to provide program services to our members after a survey showed they were not reading at grade level. We need your help to continue this program for years to come.
  • Transportation to the Club: BGCK provides bus transportation for students from nine local elementary schools to the Boys and Girls Club. Membership enrollment has doubled since BGCK rolled out the program in 2016.
  • Youth Mental Health: With today’s youth struggling more and more with mental health, the BGCK brought in a mental health specialist. The specialists have helped our youth with a wide variety of issues while also teaching students ways to cope with the pressures of being a child when not at the Club.
Infinity Campaign Contribution Benefits
Infinity Campaign Contribution Benefits

Please consider donating today to keep the youth of Kenosha on the path towards a great future.