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Lorrie, Age 18

“The Boys & Girls Club has helped me think twice about what I want to do with my life. Before I used to only worry about passing to the next grade with at least a D and finishing high school. Now I get A’s and B’s. The Boys & Girls Club helped me reach my goal of becoming a better person and make positive decisions in my life. Thanks to the club, I am now in the process of studying to be a CNA. I plan on attending Gateway technical College in the summer to start on my career of becoming a nurse. I am sure it will be hard to fulfill my dream and become a nurse. There are so many big words that I can’t pronounce but I will work hard to ensure that my dreams become a reality. I am proud to be a member of the Boys & Girls Club because it is such a great place for kids to get the help they need, find a career they like, be safe and have fun. The Boys & Girls Club has had a huge impact on my life because now I’m a better person who’s trying to pursue my dreams and make something of my life.”
Lorrie will be attending Gateway Technical College in the fall to begin working on a nursing career.