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Maytag Feel Good Fridge Program

According to Feeding America, one in six children experience food insecurity. Maytag knows dependability starts with ensuring that all Americans have access to their most basic needs, especially nourishing food. That’s why Maytag, with help from Boys & Girls Club of America, launched the Feel Good Fridge program in 2021 giving kids and families a food source they can depend on. The Maytag® Feel Good Fridge is a refrigerator that is stocked with healthy food for Club members and their families to take when in-need.

In 2022, Maytag placed a Feel Good Fridge in our Teen Center. The refrigerator came with a small grant to get us started in filling the fridge with nourishing food. Since then, we have been working hard with our local relationships and community to continue to keep the fridge full. Not only has our fridge provided healthy food to over 40 youth per day, it has also been incorporated as a way to teach life skills to our teen members. On a weekly basis, our teens plan a healthy meal to make for their peers. This planning includes choosing a meal to make, budgeting the amount needed to feed our members, writing a grocery list, going grocery shopping, and preparing the food. We firmly believe this program will not only teach our teens the importance of eating healthy, but also how to do so on a budget.

On a monthly basis, we are highlighting the main meal our teens prepared and sharing those on our social media accounts. Let us tell you, we have some budding chefs on our hands and we couldn’t be more proud to say that!

Maytag Feel Good Fridge

We are so grateful for Maytag and know that this program is a great way for us to combat hunger and help our members more by offering fresh selections of food for them to eat and/or take home.

If you are interested in participating or donating to this program, or would like more information on this program, please contact our Teen Center Director, Nicole Washpun at [email protected].