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Matt & Tiffany Gename Family Named 2019 BGC Sports Family of the Year

Matt & Tiffany Gename Family Named 2019 BGC Sports Family of the Year

Kenosha, WI – February 13, 2020 – The Gename family has been involved with BGC Sports since before it was “BGC Sports.” Matt Gename grew up playing basketball and baseball for CYC Sports beginning in 1989. His father coached teams for Matt and his siblings.

Three of the four Gename children play both winter and spring basketball at the Club. The only excuse for the youngest child, Wyatt, is that he’s only one year old. Matt has coached each and every team for Mason (age 8), Brooklyn (age 7) and Emmitt (age 5). Tiffany has sponsored several BGC Sports teams under Jimmy Johns for the past five years.

Matt’s coaching philosophy is simple: Work hard, listen and have fun. “If you do those three things, you will be satisfied with your performance win or lose,” said Gename. “The main thing I try to instill in the kids is to respect the game, all aspects of it. Respect your teammates, coaches, opponents and referees. Win or lose, do it the same way.”

“I’ve been fortunate of having a lot of the same kids over the past four years, and it’s been a pleasure watching them grow athletically,” said Gename. “There’s nothing like the pure joy on a kids face when they make their first basket or get their first hit in baseball.”

Matt, Tiffany and their kids each have a special place in their heart for BGC Sports and CYC Sports. “Walking into the Boys & Girls Club each Saturday, you realize what a special place it is,” said Gename. “You still see some of the same people, coaches and referees that are participating in the programs after 30 years. The teammates I played with 30 years ago are some of my best friends to this day. I hope the same for my kids; that they can look back in 30 years with great experiences and have the same reflection that I do.”

The Gename family will be recognized in a brief ceremony at the BGCK on Saturday, February 29th at half time of the 10am PeeWee Boys Championship game. The family will also be recognized with a plaque in the sports hallway at the Club.

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