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Jamiesse Sims

Jamiesse Sims was the 2011 Youth of the Year recipient. She currently is giving back to the Club by volunteering at the Teen Center to help mentor the current youth of Kenosha and also works with the Youth Employment Program in the summer.

“I have been coming to the Boys & Girls Club since the third grade. Whether I’m going through a tough time in my life or I’m just in need of a place to escape and clear my mind from it all, the Club has always lent a helping hand. The staff at the Boys & Girls Club are the type of people who understand, can relate to situations going on, and think to judge your character last. Being a senior I get much needed help from the Teen Director who helps me with different scholarship opportunities and good colleges to look into.

In school today I am an honor student maintaining at least a 3.0 G.P.A. every quarter. I push hard in school to make a better future and life for myself and my family. As an African American young lady I can honestly say the Boys & Girls Club has helped me through this process called life. I am involved in my community with volunteer work and community service. I stay out of trouble, I am heavily involved in extracurricular activities I am an athlete and an accomplished flutist. In the future using all the tools and experiences from both school and the Boys & Girls Club, I will strive to attend college and pursue my dream of becoming a pediatrician.”