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Facilities Maintenance Worker- 2nd Shift, Weekday

TITLE:    Part Time Facilities Maintenance Worker

REPORTS TO:     Facilities & Maintenance Department

SALARY:  $12.00 per hour

JOB HOURS:  part time, weekday evening hours

TO APPLY: Interested and qualified candidates should apply by  submitting a completed Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha Application (click link to download application)  to Maintenance & Facilities Manager, Brenden Schulz, at [email protected]

SUMMARY: Under limited supervision, performs a variety of tasks in the maintenance and cleaning of Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha properties; and performs related duties as assigned.

Daily Routines


  • Scrub toilets and urinals, cleaning all ceramic surfaces, pumping hardware and toilet seats.
  • Scrub and clean all sinks.
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Fill all soap, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers.
  • Wipe down all walls immediately surrounding toilets, urinals and sinks.
  • Mop floor, using a proper disinfecting chemical.
  • Wipe down restroom doors on both sides.
  • Make visual check of all lighting, plumbing, and other fixtures to make sure that the area is left in a safe operating order.
  • Report any malfunctions to the Club Director.

Hallways and Stairs

  • Wipe down all walls containing fingerprints, etc.
  • Wet mop all floors, if necessary, otherwise go over all floor surfaces with a treated mop.
  • Empty all wastebaskets.
  • Wipe down all adjoining doors and hardware fixtures.
  • Clean all glass with appropriate glass cleaner.
  • Wipe down all handrails and other rail parts with a damp cloth.
  • Visually inspect all light fixtures, door locks, etc. for damage or malfunction. Report any malfunction to Club

Meeting Rooms, Games Room, Learning Center, Library

  • Wash down all tabletops and adjoining table side rails, etc.
  • Wipe all chairs and window sills.
  • Check and wipe all window blinds as necessary.
  • Empty all waste baskets and clean interior and exterior of basket.
  • Wet mop or vacuum floor.
  • Remove any hand prints from walls and windows.
  • Visually inspect all light and door fixtures and report any malfunction to Club Director.
  • If applicable, lock the door as you exit from the room.

Arts and Crafts and/or Shop

  • Dust all tables and equipment.
  • Dust window sills and other work areas.
  • Clean sinks.
  • Empty all waste baskets.
  • Mop all floors with treated mops.
  • Remove build-up from tables, i.e. paint, glue.
  • Visually check all equipment, fixtures, etc. for safety. Report any malfunctions to the Club Director.
  • Lock all doors, if applicable, when leaving.


  • Dust all file cabinets and other equipment items.
  • Wipe down all desk tops or other work area surfaces.
  • Empty and clean all waste baskets.
  • Vacuum entire carpeted area.
  • Wipe down all doors and hardware.
  • Clean all office glass other than windows.
  • Visually inspect all light, door, and other adjoining fixtures. Report any malfunctions to the Club Director.


  • Clean drinking fountain.
  • Wipe finger and ball prints off the wall surfaces.
  • Mop floor and remove gum or other marks, as necessary.
  • Empty all waste baskets.
  • Wipe down all door surfaces and hardware.
  • Visually check all equipment, fixtures, etc. Report any malfunctions to the Club Director.


  • Remove any fingerprints or marks from locker and wall surfaces.
  • Scrub all urinals, sinks, toilets, as outlined under “Restrooms”.
  • Check shower room floor and remove any soap and other debris.
  • Clean all mirrors and shower room window glass.
  • Wipe down doors.
  • Wet mop with a proper disinfectant the entire shower, locker room, and adjoining hallway floor surfaces.
  • Check to make sure there are adequate paper and soap supplies for the next day’s operation.
  • Visually check all light fixtures, hardware, equipment, etc. for safety and proper use. Report any malfunctions to the Club Director.

Monthly Routine

  • Wash restroom walls.
  • Machine scrub and refinish restroom floors and high-traffic areas.
  • Change urinal screens – Green odd months Red even months.

Three Month Routine

  • Wash and polish wood furniture.
  • Wash all desks tables, chairs, file cabinets.
  • Vacuum drapes or other window covering.

Six-Month Routine

  • Wash light fixtures.
  • Machine-scrub and refinish non-carpeted floors.
  • Wash exterior glass.

Annual Routine.

  • Wash all walls and ceilings.
  • Machine shampoo carpeting.
  • Clean outside windows.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS AND WORK ENVIRONMENT: Work involves moderate to heavy work in all types of weather. There is frequent need to stand, stoop, walk, lift heavy objects (up to 50 pounds) and perform other similar actions during the course of the workday. The Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha promotes a drug/alcohol free work environment.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High School diploma or GED. The ability to perform all duties in a safe and orderly manner. Be able to work with minimal supervision.