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2016 Youth of the Year: Christian Gregory

Christian Gregory, the 2016 Youth of the Year for Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha, has been a member of the club since age 11. Christian made the decision to become a member after attending the club one time with a friend. He understood, at a young age, that the club was a safer, more fun place than the streets. He also learned that he could benefit from being around positive male role models at the club while being raised in a single parent home.

Some of Christian’s interests at the club were the Triple Play athletic programs and mentoring through Passport to Manhood and SMART Moves. He found it fairly easy to blend in with his peers and create positive, lasting relationships with staff at the club. Christian has participated in a large variety of music, performing arts, career development and community service programs since his enrollment at the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha. He had the opportunity to work last summer through our Summer Youth Employment Program and serviced local parks in the city of Kenosha. One platform that has placed him in the spotlight for his musical talents was his opening piano act at the Tennis Shoe Gala fundraising event for Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha in June of 2015.

Christian Gregory is now 18 years old and a soon to be graduate of Bradford High school. He enjoys creating music in the Recording Studio in the Teen Center and has successfully recorded his first instrumental track. With a 3.0 cumulative GPA and recent employment with White Castle, Christian continues to elevate his standard of academic excellence and good character/leadership through challenging himself daily and trusting in God’s plans for his life. Christian’s devotion to God has led him to make the decision to enroll at the School of Ministry Bible College and study Theology and Ministry.

Christian’s vision is for America’s youth to take a positive stand for equality; against drugs and violence, cyberbullying and for ALL youth to become positive, successful citizens in their communities.

As Christian embarks upon his next phase in life he gives great thanks to all of the support from the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha. He wants to leave his youth following with this quote, “Let’s all strive to be great by staying focused on our goals, rather than making bad decisions, playing catch up on life and falling behind”.